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Four Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Relationship With Insurance Adjusters

The importance of relationships is an often-overlooked aspect of the cleaning and restoration industry. Of all the important relationships in this industry, your relationship with insurance adjusters is one of the most critical. However, due to the high workload for restoration and insurance companies, communication with insurance adjusters often break down and become inefficient. At One Claim Solution we provide a simple solution to this by working with insurance adjusters for you to streamline the insurance claim process and prevent costly holdups that can take weeks or even months. While working with us is the best way to make things go more smoothly with insurance adjusters, here are four simple things you can still do to improve your working relationship with them.

Submit Timely Documentation

Just like you have a schedule and deadlines, insurance adjusters have these to deal with as well. Submitting documentation on time makes their lives easier as it does yours so this is one simple way to improve relations. As a result, you will be taken more seriously and your documentation will get through their review more quickly. 

Be Professional

This is obvious but the benefits of professionalism are large enough that it merits its own category. Being professional includes dressing the part, responding quickly to requests, using appropriate language, being courteous, and training your employees to do the same. Just think from the perspective of an insurance adjuster — would you be more likely to heavily scrutinize and contest documentation from someone you know to be a professional and do good, quality work or someone that is unprofessional and often submits late/incomplete documentation? The answer is pretty simple. Professionalism goes a long way toward getting your clients paid more, more quickly.

Avoid Obvious Errors And Omissions In Your Documentation

As mentioned above, obvious errors or omissions in your documentation are a signal of unprofessionalism. This may automatically cause delays in the processing of your documentation, but more importantly it will erode trust between you and the insurance adjusters in your ability to provide quality documentation to them. 

Respond Promptly To Any Communications

Finally, responding quickly to all communications from insurance adjusters is one of the best things you can do to not just to improve your relationship with them but to get paid more quickly. One of the most common bottlenecks in processing claims is the point where adjusters and insurance companies go back and forth regarding disputes and questions about the claim. Making it a high priority to always respond with the day (sooner if possible) is well worth the effort.

While working with insurance adjusters can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be! Give us a call at One Claim Solution today so we can help you streamline your clients’ insurance claims and get paid sooner. That way you can focus on what you do best — helping people get back on their feet after uncovering a problem or experiencing a disaster in their home.