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Five Tips For Working With Insurance Adjusters

An often-overlooked element of the cleaning and restoration industry is the importance of relationships. One of the most important relationships in this business are relationships with insurance companies — insurance adjusters in particular. Unfortunately, given the significant demands upon both restoration companies and insurers there is typically little time to invest in these relationships. At One Claim Solution we provide a simple solution to this by working with insurance adjusters for you to streamline the insurance claim process and prevent costly hold ups that can take weeks or even months to settle. Here are five simple tips for working with insurance adjusters we at One Claim Solution recommend.

Make A Proper Introduction

Nurturing a strong, working relationship with individual insurance adjusters is one of the best things you can do to help future claims go more smoothly. A strong, working relationship begins with making a good first impression. Simple things like a confident demeanor and communicating efficiently make a big difference in that first impression. Make this a high priority in any interaction you have with insurance adjusters, especially the ones you are working with for the first time.

Save Them Time

Saving adjusters time by being organized on your end not only makes the claim process go more smoothly, it also fosters a relationship of mutual trust between you and the adjuster. No adjusters want to work with restoration companies that regularly submit claims riddled with inaccuracies and errors. Be extremely detailed and meticulous when preparing to submit the claim so you can develop this relationship and avoid unnecessary problems later on down the road. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Carry Your Code Sheets

Keep code sheets organized and on your person. This will make it easier to get items covered when meeting with adjusters. Because codes will differ between companies and places, make sure you have these organized so you can find the appropriate codes when you need them.

Label Photos And Take Thorough Notes

A photo on its own may seem like plenty of information when you are initially doing the claim. However, weeks, months, or even years later, you will forget some of the essential information in the photo. Maintain copious notes with all photos along with timestamps so you could look back to photos you took 10 years ago and remember everything you need to know about them. Adjusters will appreciate the attention to detail and will be able to process your claim faster.  

Be Respectful

Finally, there is no substitute for treating adjusters with respect. Going out of your way to treat them cordially and tactfully deal with issues or disagreements will go a long way toward your business functioning more efficiently and forging strong relationships with adjusters. 

Working with insurance adjusters doesn’t have to be an inefficient, time-consuming part of the job! Give us a call at One Claim Solution today so we can help you streamline your clients’ insurance claims and get paid sooner.