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The Solution to All Your Restoration Billing Needs

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Our Team

Our staff is knowledgeable and meticulously trained on up-to-date policies, industry-standards and law as it pertains to your business.


Our software is custom-tailored to allow us to follow each one of your invoices through every stage of the claim process. We submit your invoices, justify each one of your charges and get you paid faster.

(We pride ourselves in our industry-leading processing time).


We offer in-house legal representation that allows you to submit invoices, with confidence, knowing that our legal department is ready to support your bill at any stage of the claim process.

Leveling the Playing Field


When you sign up for our services, our legal team will work with you regarding your contract and work authorization to maximize your protection when you contract with your customers.


We submit your invoices to the insurance carrier and follow the billing process the whole way through, justifying the invoice on your behalf.


We direct the insurance carrier to issue payment to the proper entities. If the insurance company does not follow the proper procedures, then we have other processes in place to ensure payment gets into your hands.


With our expertise and availability, we work for you to collect at a higher and faster rate.

What Our Clients Say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Easy Transition”

Using One Claim Solution was the easiest and smartest decision I’ve made for my company. Part of me wants to keep this secret from my competitors.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


One Claim Solution changed my entire outlook on my business. I was ready to walk away from the industry out of pure frustration before them. OCS has stepped in and taken the worst part of my job away from me and do it better than I ever could. Now I actually enjoy my job again.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

Just knowing that One Claim Solution had an attorney involved was all I needed to know in order to sign up for their services. I have not been disappointed.

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“OCS has increased my quality of life. It’s personal for me with them.”