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Case Study

Arizona Restoration Pros Goes From One to Nine Trucks After Teaming With One Claim Solution

Arizona Restoration Pros wanted to find a reliable insurance billing specialist to manage their accounts receivable so they could focus on other areas of growth within their business. Since teaming up with One Claim Solution (OCS), Arizona Restoration Pros has directed resources to train a highly competent team which has led to more services offered and increased customer satisfaction.

About Arizona Restoration Pros

Paul Redman is the founder and owner of Arizona Restoration Pros, a restoration company based out of Arizona. Redman has worked in the industry for over 30 years and founded Arizona Restoration Pros almost two decades ago. Before meeting OCS, Redman and another person on the team handled all the job invoices and insurance billing. Although he had fun “outwitting the insurance companies on occasion,” Redman was ready to pass the reins off to a specialist. That’s when he was introduced to OCS.

“It literally took me 15 seconds to sign his contract,” Redman said. “They gave me the gist of what they did and I said, ‘just give me that paper.’”

His company hasn’t been the same since, and here’s why:

Customer Market Expansion

According to Redman, one of the greatest benefits of working with OCS is getting the time to focus on business growth, which has  allowed his company to expand its customer base to include more trades.

“We’re getting around to marketing to plumbers, which I feel is a natural move for us,” Redman said. ”Our strong card in getting to know plumbers is that we have One Claim covering us, so we can focus on building those relationships.”

Training and Customer Satisfaction

More time and cash flow has allowed Redman to invest in hiring and training resources that helped him acquire an exceptional team of technicians. 

“It was a long road, but now we have a crew who doesn’t cause any headaches,” Redman said. 

Not only are his crew members getting the training they need to perform quality work, but they’re also able to look the part and get access to the equipment and resources they need. 

“People call us and always tell us how great our team is,” Redman said. “We’ve got the best reviews in the area and a lot of that is because One Claim Solution allows us to focus on building our team and serving our neighbors.”

Peace of Mind With One Claim Solution

Redman is able to find peace of mind knowing OCS is his advocate in the insurance billing process. 

“They’re way ahead of the game. We knew when we hired them all those years ago that every action is going to get a reaction, especially from the insurance world,” Redman said. “I’ve watched the insurance companies try to get One Claim Solution off their backs, but One Claim is just so good at what they do.” 

Prior to teaming up with OCS, Redman said it was common for insurance companies to take almost half the payment for the jobs he performed. He knew if he continued on that path, his business would no longer be profitable. Since hiring OCS as a billing specialist, Redman has been able to bring enough money in to make payroll each month and focus on growth. 

“OCS is a one of a kind thing. You could find a thousand ways to collect a bill, but you’ll never do it the way they do it,” Redman said. “I’ve been with them from the start and have seen the whole evolution of their company. I’m privileged to have been able to witness and benefit from their accomplishments.” 

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