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What To Expect When Working With One Claim Solution

Even in the best of circumstances, justifying an invoice with an insurance adjuster can go on for weeks or even months. This usually isn’t anyone’s fault. It’s just that restoration companies are busy helping their clients and insurance companies are busy processing huge numbers of claims. This leads to a clunky communication process that eats up your time and prevents you from getting paid. One Claim Solution provides a solution for this problem by working with insurance companies on your behalf and streamlining the billing process. Here are four things you can expect when working with One Claim Solution and how it can make your business operate more smoothly.

Less Pushback On Invoices And Claim Documents

Getting some pushback on insurance claims is a common part of the process. Naturally, restoration companies want to be paid for the services provided to an insured while insurance companies want to reduce its expenses. Working with One Claim Solutions, however, helps resolve much of this tension because we have strong working relationships with both groups and are therefore able to minimize pushback and get claims through more quickly. Even when there is pushback, we are able to respond quickly so the processing of the claim is not delayed. 

Get Paid Sooner

The payments from insurance settlements tend to be delayed for a number of reasons. One of the most common is inefficient communication between the insurer and the restoration company and its client holding the insurance policy. Back-and-forth negotiations between insurance adjusters and restoration companies along with accounting for any inaccuracies in the documentation can tack on weeks or even months to the time until the settlement is received. 

Increase Your Collections Net of Our Fee

Not only do we help you get paid sooner, but we help you get paid for the services provided to your clients, which will result in an increase in your net collections, even after our fee. 

Your net collection rate is calculated by dividing payments received from the carrier by the amount in your initial invoice to them. It’s not easy to justify your invoices to adjusters as they are trained to challenge your work. If you struggle to get the original invoiced amount paid, your net collections and overall profitability will likely be lower. At OCS, we’ll help increase your net collections by working closely with you to ensure you are billing for services rendered and justifying each line in the invoice to the adjuster. Our understanding of restoration work, the regulations around homeowners insurance, the carrier’s billing processes, and documentation the different billing process, and focus,  on improving documentation across the board to ensure all billable services are included in an invoice. 

Support For A Wide Variety Of Different Restoration Services

At One Claim Solution, we are experienced in dealing with all types of restoration services, but our primary focus is on emergency services. This includes water damage, fire damage, asbestos or mold removal, and contents pack-out. Give us a call today for a consultation on how we can help your business thrive.

Don’t settle for clunky, drawn-out communications with insurance adjusters anymore. Give One Claim Solution a call today so we can streamline your insurance billing process, get you paid sooner, and allow you to focus on what you do best — helping restore people’s lives.