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What Restorers Need to Know About Insurance Billing

When you’re in the trenches managing a restoration business, dealing with insurance billing is an extra hassle you don’t have to deal with. Outsourcing your insurance billing can help you save on overhead costs, streamline communication with adjusters, and get you paid for jobs faster.

Insurance Billing For Restoration Companies

One Claim Solution is a third-party billing agency that specializes in working with insurance carriers. We advocate on behalf of you to settle your invoices on mitigation work. Before we take on your invoices, we’ll have one of our attorneys review your contract and study your past invoices and documentation. This helps us establish a baseline of historical performance and make recommendations that best serve the contractor. After an invoice is created, we’ll proceed with the following steps:

  • Submit invoices and supporting documentation to the insurance company and follow up with them to confirm the information has been received.
  • Work with adjusters and conduct frequent follow-ups to justify and settle the invoice. 
  • Ensure the carrier makes a payment and track it until the contractor receives it.

Working with OCS will help give your business an edge by putting time back into your hands, accelerating your cash flow, and increasing your profitability. Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

Streamlined Communication Between Contractors and Adjusters

We understand the billing process and working with an adjuster can be challenging to navigate at times. Your goal is to get paid for the service you provided while insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for what is covered by their insurance policy. OCS creates a bridge between you and the insurance company that makes for smooth claim processing. 

Some adjusters we’ve worked with have mentioned the challenge of getting in immediate contact with contractors for invoice questions. We understand when you’re out working on restoration jobs, you’re not always available to take phone calls at a moment’s notice. At OCS, our advocates are on the lines ready to answer calls. They also stand equipped with supporting documents, industry guidelines and an understanding of legal requirements to justify your invoice charges. You might not always have this information on hand, which puts you in a difficult position when answering to the needs of an adjuster. Our communication practices provide adjusters with the best chance in working through your invoices, which then sets the groundwork for a settlement to take place.

Faster Billing Process 

When adjusters have a large stack of invoices to sort through, they’re more likely to prioritize the ones that are comprehensible and organized according to their specific needs, which can vary significantly across carriers. To encourage adjusters to quickly review your invoice, we ensure billing documentation is properly formatted and easy for them to process according to the nuances of each carrier’s claims management process, which we know first-hand.

When justifying invoice charges, we take into consideration what insurance company we’re working with and take an individualized approach when communicating with their adjusters. Every carrier and adjuster is different, each having their preferences and unique approach of dealing with claims. Being on the same page with adjusters helps strengthen our relationship with them, which in turn helps streamline the billing process. Our goal is to help you get paid in 32 days, many times even faster.

Let OCS Help With Your Insurance Billing Needs

At OCS, our advocates will take away the burden of insurance billing for contractors. All you have to do is establish the profitability standards for your company and we’ll work to get you paid more for the restoration jobs you perform. Don’t wait to get your invoices processed. Get in touch with us today.