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How Can One Claim Solution Help With The Biggest Challenges Cleaning And Restoration Companies Face?

cleaning and restoration challenges

Running a successful restoration company is no small feat. You are constantly faced with major hurdles like maintaining cash flow through a steady stream of clients, sifting through (seemingly) endless administrative burdens and paperwork, and hiring and retaining quality employees. How can One Claim Solution help you with these pressures? Here are three specific ways:

Improve Your Cash Flow

According to C&R’s State of the Industry Report, maintaining a consistent cash flow that keeps up with the demands of running a business is one of the primary stressors of running and restoration companies. Restoration companies’ cash flows, however, are often hindered by long delays in the processing of insurance claim documentation. Fortunately, we at One Claim Solution provide a simple solution for dealing with this. By partnering with us, we take on the role of mediator between you and insurance companies. You send us your claim documentation and we do everything else. We’ll respond to any questions or disputes from insurance adjusters and make sure your claim gets processed quickly and efficiently. This way, you can be confident that you’ll get paid when you need and not be subject to unnecessary delays. Companies often wait as much as 60-90 days to get paid while we can get you paid in 32 days. Our claims adjusters are also trained in negotiation tactics and are equipped with industry expertise to ensure you get the optimal amount from insurance companies to increase your collections net of our fee. 

Deal With Insurance Companies

Those who get into restoration work typically don’t do it to work with insurance companies. They do it to help people! However, the valuable service you provide as a restoration contractor can sometimes feel muddled by the constant onslaught of administrative work — often brought on by working with insurance carriers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you! At One Claim Solution, we will work with insurance companies on your behalf so you can avoid the weight of this administrative burden and focus on what you do best. 

Get Your Insurance Billing Covered

Maintaining a quality base of employees is a never-ending task for all employers. This can be especially difficult for restoration companies since restoration technician jobs have high turnover rates. It is also expensive and time-consuming to hire and train new employees. How can One Claim Solution help you with this difficult problem? When you work with One Claim Solution, you don’t have to hire, train, retain, or manage new employees. We do that. You can also give bandwidth back to your current employees who are responsible for insurance billing as part of their other administrative duties so they can focus on their core responsibilities. 

At One Claim Solution, we know that running a successful restoration company is no small task. So we do all we can to make things easier for you by reducing your administrative load. This, in turn, improves your cash flow by helping you get paid sooner and allows for better working conditions for your employees. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you deal with these challenges and propel your business forward.