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Get Paid Faster and Collect More while Outsourcing Your Insurance Billing on Mitigation Work

collect more on insurance billingLet’s face it, settling invoices with insurance companies can be a difficult, time-consuming task – especially if your plate is already full. The good news is you can enlist in the help of claim advocates to help with the load. One Claim Solution (OCS) is an insurance billing specialist that works with insurance carriers on your behalf to get you paid for your mitigation work. 

If you’ve struggled to stay on top of your insurance invoices or fear losing out on fair compensation from the carrier, our team of highly qualified advocates will work with adjusters to get the most out of your invoice. When you partner with OCS, we aim to achieve the following for you:

Get paid faster

Without an advocate by your side, the billing and justification process can take a long time. No one wants to wait 60 or more days to get paid, especially if you must keep up with payroll or overhead costs. We cut that time in half and get our clients paid in an average of 32 days.

Collect more on each invoice

A huge reason why contractors struggle with insurance billing is that they are unable to sufficiently justify their work to the adjuster, often leaving billable items off their invoices or only getting partially compensated for rendered services. One Claim will make sure your documents are defensible and complete before working with the carrier to get you paid what’s owed – the vast majority of our clients see a measurable increase in collections, even after paying our fee. 

Avoid the burden of managing accounts receivable

The insurance billing process is complex and difficult to manage. Your team is inundated with questions and status updates from the adjuster on a regular basis, and it’s tricky to retain and manage a billing team when volume fluctuates. One Claim takes this on for you. Our advocates work with adjusters to justify and process your invoice effectively and efficiently so you can reallocate the time and effort this process once took.

One Claim Solution is built with the people and processes required to best manage the insurance billing process for mitigation work. 

Our team of attorneys and well-trained advocates are experts in the regulations, policies, and laws that surround restoration billing. We are also experienced in mitigation work and use that knowledge to better justify your invoices. Enabling our team is software that we developed for the purpose of managing your invoices through the insurance carrier’s claims management process. This system helps us provide accurate and detailed information to adjusters and capture all relevant communication with them as well as provide you with regular updates on the status of your invoices. 

We take the view that insurance companies are our partners with a shared goal of creating a smooth invoice settlement process for contractors and homeowners alike. Our relationships with carriers have been fostered over the better part of a decade, and we take great pride in how we go about working with them on your behalf. When you partner with us, you become a lifelong member of this community as well.

At One Claim, our goal is to create a positive outcome for our clients. If you want to improve your insurance billing process, contact us to learn more about how we can help

Author Bio

Josh Ehmke is a Co-Founder of One Claim Solution and Owner of Ehmke Law, PLC. Prior to founding One Claim, he was General Counsel for a large air-ambulance billing specialist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Josh is also a Director of Family Law Services for the Never Again Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that represents victims of domestic violence and sex crimes. He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Business Administration and received his law degree from the Phoenix School of Law.

When Josh isn’t advocating for restoration contractors, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys as well as pursuing activities in the great outdoors.