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Four Benefits Of Properly Documenting Cleaning And Restoration Jobs

Properly documenting cleaning and restoration is one of the most overlooked, yet important, jobs that cleaning and restoration technicians have. However, during busy, stressful days or times when training new employees this is often one of the first things that goes. At One Claim Solution, we see the results of good and bad documentation every day. Here are four of the main benefits of properly documenting cleaning and restoration jobs.

Restoration Job Documentation

Save Time

Corrections, inaccuracies, and omissions in restoration documentation can take a long time to fix. These issues can delay the insurance claim for your client and keep you from getting paid as well. Always err on the side of being overly thorough and descriptive in your documentation. The few minutes spent doing this could save you weeks or months of delays in the future. 

Save Money

Quality documentation means more money, plain and simple. Documentation is more likely to be contested if its claims are not fully supported by the evidence. Thus, not being completely thorough regarding all the evidence of damage in a report will not only lead to disputes, but could also lead to you and your client getting less money from the settlement. Another simple way to save money is to team up with us at One Claim Solution. Our clients get paid more from settlements that we handle so our services begin paying for themselves and saving you money right away.

Get Paid Sooner

Managing invoices is one of the most frustrating aspects of working in the cleaning and restoration industry. The constant back and forth between adjusters and restoration companies can make it so you don’t get paid for over three months after the job is complete. The first thing you can do to minimize this is submit clear, complete documentation that is less likely to be contested. Once it is submitted, you can rely on our services at One Claim Solution to help things go smoothly for you. While it often takes more than 75 days for companies to get paid, our clients typically get paid within 32 and often much sooner.

Avoid Future Headaches

The last thing anyone wants is old jobs coming back to haunt them and causing more work. This is exactly what happens when inferior documentation is submitted. It’s better to do the job well the first time, submit it, and be done. One Claim Solution will help with this as well since we coordinate all communications with insurance adjusters so you can get back to doing what you do best while we make sure you get paid. 

As you can see, the small amount of extra time that goes into investing in high quality documentation more than pays for itself. You do the cleaning, restoration, and documentation then we at One Claim Solution will take care of the rest by making sure it is processed smoothly and that you get paid on time.