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Five Tips For Fostering A Better Relationship With Insurance Adjusters

insurance adjustersThe most important business relationship for cleaning and restoration companies is their relationship with their clients. However, there are several other important relationships that should not be overlooked. One of these is your working relationship with insurance adjusters. You may work with some companies — and specific adjusters — fairly often while others you may only work with a single time. Either way, it’s important you take the steps necessary to foster a positive relationship with insurance adjusters to help your business be more successful in the future.Here are five tips for how you can foster positive relationships with insurance adjusters. 

Make A Good First Impression

The notion that “first impressions matter” is more than a trite saying. First impressions have major implications for how business relationships are formed. Fortunately, this isn’t something you must leave up to chance. Simple steps such as being prepared, on time, and professional go a long way toward making a positive first impression. 

Save Them Time

Anything you can do that makes the lives of adjusters easier will be appreciated and likely reciprocated. This involved more than just being on time (though that is a big part of it). Other simple considerations like being prepared for meetings and responding promptly to their questions will make everyone’s lives easier and improve your relationship with adjusters. 

Label Photos

Photo documentation of restoration jobs is an essential part of the work. However, not all photo documentation is created equally. Make sure you meticulously label all of the photos you submit so insurance adjusters can quickly make sense of what the photos are intended to show. This will also go a long way toward preventing misunderstandings and disputes when the claim is begin resolved. 

Put Yourself in the Adjuster’s Shoes

How would you want to be treated if you were in the adjuster’s shoes? Your answer to that question provides a good rule of thumb for how most adjusters would like to be treated. 

Fostering positive relationships with insurance adjusters has major long-term payoffs. The likelihood of receiving pushback on future claims will diminish, you will be able to work more efficiently, and develop a sense of trust and respect.