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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Insurance Billing

One Claim is the solution for managing insurance invoices. We know managing invoices is overly frustrating, so that’s why we have a better way. With One Claim Solution, you can accelerate cash flow and improve profitability while focusing more on what matters most… and that’s running your business.

  1. The first reason as to why you should outsource your insurance billing is simply to help you get paid faster. We know that it takes way too long to get paid… sometimes more than 75 days. With One Claim Solution, invoices get paid on an average of 32 days, however many invoices get paid quicker than that. Say goodbye to ever getting paid later than 75 days again!
  2. Secondly, your team spends a ton of time and effort working with adjusters. With One Claim Solution, insurance billing resources are reallocated or removed altogether. Start sending your invoices and claim documents to us instead, not the carrier. We’ll organize, create, and submit a claim packet to the insurance company on your behalf!
  3. Reason number three is we handle your insurance invoices from submission to collection. More often than not, adjusters constantly push back on invoices and claim documents. Collections increase measurably, often more than offsetting our fee. Our claim advocates are experts in restoration billing and communicate with adjusters daily to push your invoice through the carrier’s claim processing system.
  4. The fourth reason as to why you should outsource your insurance billing is our attorneys will analyze your work authorization and a few recent insurance invoices to identify areas that strengthen and improve your processes. We’ll help you make a few suggested modifications, which will enable us to do our best work for you! We also ensure the carrier cuts a check and gets it to you pronto, by directing the carrier to make a payment for what is owed. We’ll track the check and ensure there are no hang ups along the way to your mailbox!
  5. And lastly, we try our hardest to make it free for everyone. One Claim Solution takes a percentage of what we collect on your behalf. There are no other charges! And the cherry on top is that we don’t get paid until the carrier pays you first!

Want to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Jump on a call with our team and help us better understand your restoration business. This is the time to ask us anything you want – we will probe a bit, too.
  2. Provide us with your work authorization, contract and basic data on your insurance invoices. We’ll analyze this to see where and by how much we can add value to your invoices.
  3. Reconnect live to talk through your Baseline Review Package, which includes specifics on our service offering and pricing. If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll send you a billing agreement to review and execute 
  4. Then, it’s time to get onboarded. Our Onboarding Manager will work directly with you over the next few weeks to ensure you are ramping up with us. Among other things, we’ll help you modify your work authorization, pricing, and documentation practices, which in turn enable us to do our best work for you.
  5. From then on, send your invoices and claim documentation to us, NOT the carrier. We’ll take care of the rest!