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Two  Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Claims 

Working in the restoration industry can be a rewarding experience. Repairing the devastation from disasters like flooding and fires or dealing with more subtle problems like mold or asbestos significantly improves the lives of those whose homes and buildings are affected. Despite the necessary good that restoration services provide, however, the restoration process itself can be tedious and frustrating at times. One common source of frustration is working with insurance adjusters to come to an agreement on a claim. These communications tend to be clunky and inefficient. With One Claim Solution, however, you can outsource this process allowing you to get paid sooner and focus on the parts of restoration work that improve the lives of your clients. Here are two specific benefits of outsourcing your claims with One Claim Solutions.

Avoid the Burden of Communicating With Adjusters

The claim process can be extended for many reasons. One common reason is due to miscommunication, or lack of communication with adjusters. At OCS, we create a bridge between you and the insurance company. Our goal is to make sure the adjuster gets all the information they need to process your claims and for you to get paid quickly in the optimal amount for your services. 

We know when you’re out working in the field, you may not always be available to answer calls from an adjuster. Our advocates are always ready to take a call and will be ready to answer the adjuster’s questions using supporting documents to justify your claims. Our communication practices provide adjusters with the best chance in working through your invoices, which makes for smooth claim processing. 

Get Your Payment Sooner

The payment from insurance settlements are often slow for a wide variety of reasons. One of the most common causes is inefficient communication between the insurer and the restoration company dragging out claim processing. Back-and-forth negotiations between insurance adjusters and restoration companies along with accounting for any inaccuracies in the documentation can add weeks or even months to the time the settlement is received. 

One Claim Solution acts as a go-between for restoration companies and insurers to make the claim process go more smoothly. We promptly respond to any questions from the insurance company, follow-up when necessary, and make sure you receive your settlement on time and for the right amount. Often, working with One Claim Solution allows restoration companies and their clients to get paid within 30 days of first filing an invoice.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the process of negotiating claims and working with adjusters. If you have been in the restoration industry for a while, these issues may seem unavoidable. With One Claim Solution, however, we will tackle the claim process for you so you can focus on important things like restoring people’s homes and helping them get back on their feet. Give us a call today for an initial consultation regarding how One Claim Solution can help you streamline your business.