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The Three Biggest Challenges In The Restoration Insurance Claims Process

The Three Biggest Challenges In The Restoration Insurance Claims ProcessDealing with the aftermath of fire and water damage is a heavy task for restoration companies. However, this is not the only major hurdle they face. The entire process of writing, submitting, and having insurance documentation approved is a major challenge unto itself. There are many different types of challenges that may arise during the claims process. Most of them can be compiled into three distinct types of challenges. Here are these three common challenges and what you can do to address them.


Communication comes down to the core of so many different problems in our world and the restoration insurance claims process is no exception. There are multiple different parties that need to communicate during this process which can further complicate things. Overall, policy holders, restoration companies, and insurance companies must work together to develop a fair settlement for dealing with the damage done to a property. Often, communication breaks down once after the initial claim has been filed and the insurance company has questions or disputes regarding the claim. Responses to these inquiries can sometimes take a long time and the insurance company may also be slow to respond back. Whether you handle insurance claims in-house or outsource it, make sure you are always available when an adjuster calls or emails. When you’re not available to respond to their outreach, your claim gets moved to the bottom of the pile and is no longer a priority for the adjuster. 

Quickly Settling Disputes

Once an insurance adjuster has disputed an element of a claim, the restoration company has an opportunity to respond. This may require gathering more evidence or searching through old evidence which can be time-consuming and delay your payment by weeks or even months. To avoid these delays, make sure you have thorough documentation, include all documentation when you file your initial claim, and provide justification for any part of the claim that is out of the ordinary. This will help get ahead of common disputes. For less common disputes that come up, be ready with justification so you can settle it quickly. 

Delays Getting Paid

Restoration companies are constantly facing the pressure of keeping up with payroll and meeting the other demands and expenses of running a business. These pressures are increased when your payments are held up by weeks or months due to delays in how your insurance claim is processed. The best way to get paid as quickly as possible is to have thorough documentation, be available when an adjuster follows up, and be able to justify your line items. Getting through the insurance claims stage of the restoration process is no small task. Getting through it efficiently and with the largest settlement amount possible is another matter entirely. For more insights on how to get paid more, faster, subscribe to our newsletter.