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Restoration 1 Increases Cash Flow by 82% Since Signing on With One Claim Solution

Hutch Hillebert, the skilled Owner and Managing Director overseeing Restoration 1 of Middletown, PA, and Restoration 1 of Wilmington, NC, faced a formidable challenge—grappling with a staggering $550k in accounts receivables while being pressed for time to collaborate with insurance adjusters. When he found One Claim Solution, they formed a transformative partnership and orchestrated an astonishing 82% surge in cash flow, catapulting Hillebert’s business to new heights of success.


From managing safety and security for Whole Foods and Amazon to owning two Restoration 1 locations, Hillebert’s career journey is one of resilience, determination, and ultimately, success. Hillebert worked his way up the facilities role in a large corporation before being approached by a friend who was looking to build a disaster response team. He initially turned down the opportunity, but after COVID-19 and civil unrest hit, Hillebert left his role at Whole Foods and reached out to his friend once again. The two were deployed to Texas during the Texas Freeze and were able to grow the business to over $19 million. After that, Hillebert realized it was time to explore restoration further and found Restoration 1 to be a good fit with his morals and values. Now, he owns two Restoration 1 locations in Hershey, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, North Carolina, with plans for a third location.

The Challenges With Insurance Billing

As a newer business owner, Hillebert said the challenges of dealing with the paperwork and administrative tasks of running a restoration franchise were overwhelming. 

“The invoices all piled up in a manila folder on my desk and I worked on them whenever I had downtime. These were the details that were never taught in training, so I had to navigate it on my own,” Hillebert said. “It was a constant juggling act, trying to keep up with the paperwork while also delivering high-quality restoration work for my clients.”

Hillebert soon realized this was a common struggle for contractors in general, and there needed to be more support and resources available to help manage these important but often overlooked tasks.

Finding OCS

In a stroke of luck, Hillebert stumbled upon what he calls “the best kept secret in the industry” at an RIA networking event. He sat next to Dan Doud of OCS without realizing who he was or what OCS did. At the time, Hillebert was struggling with a large amount of unpaid accounts receivable, which he had been tracking on an Excel sheet.

After connecting with Doud and showing him his tracking sheet, Hillebert was offered a complimentary baseline review of his invoices and business practices. The OCS team ensured that his invoices were up to par and that he was a suitable candidate for representation. After their due diligence, Hillebert sat down with OCS and identified areas where potential revenue was getting missed.

By teaming with OCS and implementing their recommendations, Hillebert was able to charge for previously missed items and relieve himself of the hassle of negotiating with adjusters. 

Smooth Onboarding

According to Hillebert, the onboarding process was smooth, starting off with a few Zoom calls where he showed OCS his company’s tracking system. He also provided a few invoices and within seven days, OCS had put together a PowerPoint presentation with recommendations for the business. Hillebert appreciated that OCS shared their knowledge and guidance with him, and felt they were invested in helping him succeed.

“They even took some of my old stuff off my plate which was not what we expected or something we even asked for,” Hillebert said. “It’s just the genuineness of them, seeing that there’s potential to get things up and running. I truly felt like they were more invested in helping me than anybody else I’ve spoken to.”

Legal Support

Hillebert said the legal support OCS provides has brought peace of mind because he trusts the knowledge and expertise they offer.

“We don’t have to worry about the legalities of insurance billing because OCS handles that for us,” Hillebert said. “And quite frankly, unless they have a question for us, OCS doesn’t even reach out and bother us. It’s because we’ve built a great relationship with them so fast.”

OCS Will Go Above and Beyond

Hillebert said he feels valued as an OCS client and appreciates all they do to offer personalized services for his business. 

“I’ve seen OCS go out of their way to make positions to ensure our needs are being met. I’ve seen them go out of their way to ensure that the clients they’re bringing on board are the right clients for them,” Hillebert said. “OCS does things with dignity, and that’s why I’m still here. What they’ve done for us wasn’t just game changing – it’s been life changing.”