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Get Paid More, Faster

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According to C&R’s State of the Industry report, getting paid is a top pain point for restoration companies of all shapes and sizes. This webinar is designed to help contractors get paid more, faster!

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn actionable ways to advocate for invoices, estimates, and bills.
  2. Review and understand several real-world instances of contractors overcoming pushback on items like overhead and profit, supervisory labor, and assignment of benefits.
  3. Substantiating what’s on your invoice.
  4. Be able to manually calculate labor burden.
  5. Have a firmer understanding of how to get paid more, faster.

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Josh Ehmke

Josh Ehmke is a co-founder and serves as General Counsel of One Claim Solution. Outside of his passion for helping the restoration industry, Josh enjoys spending time in the outdoors fly-fishing, hunting, skiing or coaching his kids’ baseball teams. He’s been married to his amazing wife for 20 years and they have 5 children.

Jeremy Traasdahl

Jeremy Traasdahl co-founded One Claim Solutions seven years ago. He started his career as an inside sales rep for Avnet, then moved to Pepsico as a district sales manager. He leads a busy life with four children, two boys and two girls!

Anthony Nelson

After 13 years growing Premier Restoration Hawaii to 4 locations and 160 employees, Anthony Nelson joined Pivot My Business, a consulting business helping service based businesses obtain their highest level of operation efficiency. Additionally, Anthony also supports Ed Cross and Restoration CrossCheck with their customized Xactimate pricelists. Anthony currently serves on the RIA Board of Directors, a consensus body member for the forthcoming IICRC S760 Standard for Professional Wildfire Investigations and Restoration of Impacts to Structures, Systems, and Contents and serves on the Construction Industry of Maui board as the chair of the scholarship committee.