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Four Ways One Claim Solution Can Help You Address Staffing Challenges

staffing challengesOur name says it all. At One Claim Solution, we are about one thing — helping you submit one claim and then be done with the administrative side of working with insurance adjusters. Most cleaning and restoration companies go back and forth with adjusters for months losing valuable time and resources. With our support staff at One Claim Solution, however, all you need to do is submit your first claim and then we will handle the rest by working directly with insurance adjusters. There are many different benefits to this, but one of the most valuable is how it can help you address staffing challenges. Here are four specific ways that partnering with us at One Claim Solution can help you and your staff. 

Improve Employee Morale

Imagine a company is short staffed. It needs to complete the same amount of work, but there are fewer workers to do everything, meaning each worker must take on a heavier load. This leads to frustration, resentment, and burnout. Eventually, more workers might decide to quit because they are overworked. This leaves the remaining workers with even more work, resulting in a vicious cycle. Commonly referred to as burnout, this process can be devastating to a business and drives the best, most loyal workers away due to exhaustion. 

A common source of burnout is the constant pressure of demanding, tedious work. This is the kind of work that goes into coordinating with insurance companies after submitting documentation for a restoration job. One Claim Solution helps take this pressure off your employees by coordinating with insurance companies for you so you can focus on the parts of your job that you enjoy.

More Turnover Means More Training

One of the most demanding and expensive parts of running a business is training new employees. The higher the turnout among your employees, the more you will need to invest time into training new employees. During this training period, seasoned employees will need to take on more work which can also fuel burnout.

Limit Tedious, Time-Consuming Tasks

Not all work tasks are created equal. Some can be quite enjoyable and boost morale among employees while others can be physically, mentally, or emotionally draining (sometimes all three!). Coordinating documentation and invoice claims with insurance adjusters falls clearly within the realm of a tedious, mentally exhausting task. Partnering with us at One Claim Solution reduces this demand on your employees by specializing in this and taking it out of your hands. This allows your employees to focus on the more enjoyable, rewarding parts of the job.

Reduce Financial Concerns

One of the most stressful responsibilities for the managers and owners of cleaning and restoration companies is keeping up with their payroll and always having enough money on hand to run the company. This can get tricky when it takes months to be paid for a job due to holdups with the insurance company. At One Claim Solution, we get you paid sooner so you don’t have to worry about making payroll due to unexpected delays in payments.