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Five Helpful Tools For Locating And Documenting Water Damage

water damage documentationOne essential aspect of a water damage restoration job is locating all pockets of water and damage throughout the building. Water will find its way into hidden, out of the way places so without an extremely thorough search, it is likely you may miss some water. Besides making sure you protect against further damage because of hidden water, it’s also important for the documentation needed when filing an accurate insurance claim and making sure you and your clients are properly compensated. Here are a few helpful tools you can use to locate and document water damage more effectively. 

Heavy Duty Flashlight

For peering into pipes or dark, shadowy corners of a home, nothing beats a reliable heavy duty flashlight. Make sure to keep extra batteries on hand!

Acoustic Listening Device

The “drip, drip, drip” of a water leak makes a very distinctive sound. But if that sound is happening within the walls or an isolated section of the home you may not be able to hear it without amplifying the sound. This is where an acoustic listening device comes in handy. These devices allow you to hear clearly through floors and walls to pinpoint the source of a leak or flood.

Digital Hygrometer

Digital hygrometers are used to gather a quick and accurate reading on the amount of humidity inside a room (i.e., the amount of moisture in the air within that particular space). A high reading may indicate the presence of unwanted water or moisture located somewhere in that home. Generally speaking, homes should remain at about 50% humidity. Any higher is a potential indication of a leak somewhere, creating uncomfortable living conditions, and leading to mold growth.

Mold Testing Kit

Mold testing kits allow you to test for the presence of mold in a home based on surface or air sampling. These tests are typically only used if there is already a suspicion that mold exists in the home to confirm the existence of mold and pinpoint its location.

Video Pipe Camera

This is the perfect tool for detecting the source of a leak inside a pipe. It consists of a long, flexible fiber-optic cable that is mounted with a light and a miniature camera. It connects to a video monitor where you can see images of the pipe’s interior.

Adding these tools to your arsenal will enhance your ability to detect water damage and provide the detailed documentation needed for filing an insurance claim. Most importantly, these tools will empower you to provide the best possible service to your clients and help them recover from water damage disasters.