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top tech to expedite the claims process

Top Tech to Expedite Restoration Claims Collections

You’ve heard the phrase time is money – and in no industry is that more true than in restoration. As a restoration business owner, you know that every minute you’re not focused on doing the job is costing you money, and one of the most time-consuming aspects of the business can be the claims collection […]

cleaning and restoration challenges

How Can One Claim Solution Help With The Biggest Challenges Cleaning And Restoration Companies Face?

Running a successful restoration company is no small feat. You are constantly faced with major hurdles like maintaining cash flow through a steady stream of clients, sifting through (seemingly) endless administrative burdens and paperwork, and hiring and retaining quality employees. How can One Claim Solution help you with these pressures? Here are three specific ways: […]

water damage documentation

AR Part 3: How OCS Trains Advocates To Meet Your Billing Needs

C&R’s 2022 State of the Industry reported that hiring challenges was one of the top concerns restoration owners faced last year. Decreasing staff turnover rates with in-field workers is one challenge, keeping up with training a skilled office staff to manage your accounts receivable is another. “There are busy seasons and absolutely dead seasons. When […]

From Submission To Payment: How Insurance Billing Specialists Can Help Your Business

Cleaning and restoration jobs are tough work, but they are also rewarding. By responding to a disaster in someone’s home, you are making their life better and making them safer in an immediate, measurable way. However, in the midst of all this work, it’s easy to get bogged down by the constant flow of invoices […]

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Insurance Billing

One Claim is the solution for managing insurance invoices. We know managing invoices is overly frustrating, so that’s why we have a better way. With One Claim Solution, you can accelerate cash flow and improve profitability while focusing more on what matters most… and that’s running your business. The first reason as to why you […]

C&R Report: Carriers and Cashflow Keep Restorers up at Night

There have been several headwinds impacting the restoration industry over the past few years including the lingering uncertainty caused by a pandemic, rising interest rates, threat of a recession, and challenges with labor supply. These forces have required business owners to navigate multiple challenges and redirect their teams to find opportunity and growth.  In their […]