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Tactics adjusters use against policyholders

Five Tactics Adjusters Use to Turn Policyholders Against Restoration Contractors

The relationship between an adjuster, restoration contractor and policyholders is tricky. Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies and determine whether the insurance company is responsible for paying out a restoration claim. They inspect the property to see the extent of damage, compile that with other documentation and information that the policyholder and contractor provides, and […]

A Day In The Life Of An Insurance Adjuster

A Day In The Life Of An Insurance Adjuster

What do insurance adjusters do, day-by-day? Insurance adjusters are important actors in the restoration process. They ultimately decide what gets covered and how much insurance companies will pay out. Understanding the perspectives and motives of insurance adjusters is important for restoration companies to learn how to work with them more effectively. So, below is the […]

What You Need To Know About Insurance Adjusters

Working with insurance adjusters is a core component of restoration work. So it’s important to know the ins and outs of insurance adjusters — what they do and how they think. Knowing this will help you more effectively communicate with insurance carriers and get paid what you’re owed. An adjuster is responsible for investigating insurance […]

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Five Tips For Fostering A Better Relationship With Insurance Adjusters

The most important business relationship for cleaning and restoration companies is their relationship with their clients. However, there are several other important relationships that should not be overlooked. One of these is your working relationship with insurance adjusters. You may work with some companies — and specific adjusters — fairly often while others you may […]

Four Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Relationship With Insurance Adjusters

The importance of relationships is an often-overlooked aspect of the cleaning and restoration industry. Of all the important relationships in this industry, your relationship with insurance adjusters is one of the most critical. However, due to the high workload for restoration and insurance companies, communication with insurance adjusters often break down and become inefficient. At […]

C&R Report: Carriers and Cashflow Keep Restorers up at Night

There have been several headwinds impacting the restoration industry over the past few years including the lingering uncertainty caused by a pandemic, rising interest rates, threat of a recession, and challenges with labor supply. These forces have required business owners to navigate multiple challenges and redirect their teams to find opportunity and growth.  In their […]