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top tech to expedite the claims process

Top Tech to Expedite Restoration Claims Collections

You’ve heard the phrase time is money – and in no industry is that more true than in restoration. As a restoration business owner, you know that every minute you’re not focused on doing the job is costing you money, and one of the most time-consuming aspects of the business can be the claims collection […]

AR Part 2: Managing Your Accounts Receivable With Proprietary Software

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date accounts receivable is vital to successfully managing a restoration business. At One Claim Solution, we’ve developed a proprietary software that manages accounts receivable by helping our claim advocates stay on track and manage invoices through a carrier’s claim process.  Accounts receivable are the accumulation of the invoices a contractor is […]

Comparing In-House Billing With One Claim Solution

As a restoration business owner, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to collect money from your customers and their insurance companies. Making sure invoices and collections are kept up to date can be a daunting task, especially if you’re dealing with the added pressure of covering overhead costs and making payroll for your employees. If […]

What To Expect When Working With One Claim Solution

Even in the best of circumstances, justifying an invoice with an insurance adjuster can go on for weeks or even months. This usually isn’t anyone’s fault. It’s just that restoration companies are busy helping their clients and insurance companies are busy processing huge numbers of claims. This leads to a clunky communication process that eats […]

Accounts Receivable: What it is and How to Manage it

Properly managing accounts receivable and the billing process is vital to successfully running your restoration business. You may have the systems in place to keep taking on more jobs, hiring employees and finding new clients, but it’s important to make sure your billing process leads to timely, accurate payments.  Accounts receivable are the accumulation of […]