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Case Study

PureTec Quadruples Business With One Claim Solution

PureTec wanted to improve their insurance billing process to get paid for the work they did in a timely manner. Since teaming up with One Claim Solution, PureTec has quadrupled in size. Along with accelerated cash flow, profit increases and the delegation of billing responsibilities to experts has allowed PureTec to invest in growth by hiring and training the employees needed to take on more jobs. 

About PureTec

PureTec was founded in 2018 by Jason Podany. The company specializes in performing cleaning and restoration services for properties affected by water, fire, mold and asbestos damages in the greater Phoenix area.


Prior to partnering with OCS, PureTec’s insurance billing and collections was mainly handled by Podany and another person on his team. Although he had a background in collections, Podany acknowledged that he didn’t have the level of knowledge needed to get the optimal amount out of his invoices. 

“I feared that eventually, these insurance companies were going to put me out of business. That’s when I realized I needed someone to advocate for my business in a way it could be profitable."

Since teaming up with OCS, PureTec has seen exponential growth in invoice collections as well as the following benefits:

Increased Cash Flow

Podany reports collecting 10% more on an average invoice since OCS took over his insurance billing, even after he subtracts the OCS fee. In fact, the accumulation of increased collections net of OCS’ fee over the past couple years has enabled Jason to further invest in his business.

“OCS is a great source I wish I met on day one. I have the utmost respect for these people. I get to work with them on a daily basis and it’s always a great experience,” Podany said. “Since working with OCS, my business has grown by almost four times.”

Eliminate Worries of Hiring & Training an In-office Staff

Podany said one of the greatest benefits of working with OCS is not having to spend time and resources to hire and train an in-office claims specialist. 

“Not only would it cost me money to train a claims specialist, but I don’t have to worry about dealing with managing an in-office staff,” Podany said. “You’re going to have employee turnover, so hiring and retraining is something I don’t want to deal with. Having that aspect of the business covered is invaluable to me.”

Access to Legal Knowledge

When documenting restoration work, overlooking the smallest details can lead to great losses. According to Podany, the legal expertise that OCS provides has helped fully cover PureTec and their work. The fact that OCS is just a phone call away to answer any questions has brought Podany peace of mind.

“I have yet to shock OCS with anything that’s come through,” Podany said. “They’ve seen it all and have been able to work through it.”