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AR Part 3: How OCS Trains Advocates To Meet Your Billing Needs

water damage documentationC&R’s 2022 State of the Industry reported that hiring challenges was one of the top concerns restoration owners faced last year. Decreasing staff turnover rates with in-field workers is one challenge, keeping up with training a skilled office staff to manage your accounts receivable is another.

“There are busy seasons and absolutely dead seasons. When it’s super busy, a contractor, depending on the site, is going to need to step up to be able to handle those accounts receivable appropriately,” said Jeremy Traasdahl, a co-founder of OCS.

When a restoration company is in the midst of an off season, they may have to figure out how to float extra employees until things pick up. Or they may choose to downsize, which can lead to a hiring rush when the busy season starts again. The fluctuation of having available work and figuring out staffing needs is a hassle that can be avoided with a team like One Claim Solution at your side. “We’re here to make sure that staffing needs are met and managed so the contractor doesn’t have to worry about that anymore,” Traasdahl said. “It’s not just about managing the number of staff on the accounts receivable process, but also making sure they’re doing their job appropriately. 

Who Are Our Claim Advocates?

Our claim advocates come from varying backgrounds, but most have been trained and are experienced in the justification process for insurance claims and/or working in a home services field. That said, these backgrounds aren’t a prerequisite and when a claim advocate lacks relevant experience, we make sure they learn the necessary skills to succeed in the role.

This is made possible through an extensive training program that an advocate must complete before assisting in the claims process. This training covers many topics that cover laws surrounding work authorizations, assignments of benefits, variations in disaster mitigation practices, and how to communicate with different types of adjusters. 

Our program has a significant learning curve, so training an advocate generally takes a minimum of three months. We take the time to produce a quality staff with the large picture goal to generate revenue for our clients.

As a contractor, you probably don’t have the time or means to train an in house billing staff. It requires a significant amount of training on OSHA, federal regulations, state regulations, IICRC standards, AHERA laws etc. Not only does your staff need to be confident in knowing these standards and regulations, but they also need the skills to articulate the “why” behind what you do as a contractor. When you partner with us, we take care of the billing and adjuster negotiations so you can focus on growing your company. If you’re looking to elevate the billing process for your restoration business, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation today.